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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced society to transfer many processes to a remote format. Management system certification, inspection and audits are no exception.
Our team of expert practitioners is ready to share their experiences with you.
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I knew Galina long years ago from working with TUV NORD, it is more than 10 years. She can take control of the situation and make decisions. She tends to do a lot. She is extremely productive. Galina often forces others to do much more than meet the minimum requirements. After her course, I learned new skills and acquired an additional status as an auditor in anti-bribery management systems.
Viktoria Smaglulк
Galina is my coach in business project for Auditing. She knows how to turn not only her thoughts, but also the people around her into actions and real results. With her vision of the future, she inspires many, including she succeeded in inspiring me. Together we follow a given trajectory in training and step by step passed the chosen course. At the moment I am at the homestretch before becoming an International Lead Management Systems Auditor.
Natalia Kovaleva
I look at life with great optimism when I can devote my free time to study. My work ethic only allows me to study on weekends. Galina constantly supports me with new information for work and for everyday life. By exploring new topics, I generate fresh ideas. Galina has a special talent for describing complex things in simple language that open people's minds to new possibilities.
She's a mixture of helicopter and lightning!

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